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Photo Blog: Condoms

I was surprised when my student came up to me and showed these stuff after the class. She said she bought it on the streets and thought it's fun to carry these around. The pink one is designed as a key chain and she's actually using it like that.

Pressing these condoms, I can tell that it's not lubricated. Boy, it's gonna be rough and would take a lotta work! :))


Photo Blog: Dyed Hair

These are my two students who dyed their hair last week. They always think that dyeing it with outrageous, or rather scandalous, color is COOL.

The red-haired guy said that he's going to pay a visit to his hairstylist tomorrow afternoon to dye it black again. His father is visiting him on Sunday.

The blonde-haired guy said that he had always dreamed of having a blonde hair. Like his red-haired classmate, he would not face his parents in this look. "My grandparents are cool. When they saw me like this, my grandma didn't stop asking me questions, why, how, when, where I did it. My grandpa was just quite but I guess, he wishes he had a hair like mine."


Photo Blog: Weather Types in Beijing

This is how it looks like in Beijing today. I shot this around 10:30 a.m. during a morning break. Most people are already wearing tee-shirts because it's starting to feel hot already though it is still Spring. But, I guess, Spring in Beijing seems to be short-lived.

This is what it is like on MOST days. You think it's sunny but you can't see the sun. Well, sometimes, if you are lucky, you can see it peeping from the clouds. But, still, there's blurness around you.

This is on RARE days. It's one of the best days worth to remember!

You see, there are only three types of weather in Beijing! I'm sure you already know why.

Photo Blog: Mai Dang Lao Mascots

As I got out of the taxi, these mascots greeted me the standard Chinese greeting, "Ni hao!"

I don't understand the Chinese characters but based on the print drawing on their shirts and boxes, I guess, they're telling people that their McDonald branch is now 24-hours open.

Photo Blog: Rubbish Collector

We all know the proverbial truth in the third world
that there's always money in rubbish.

One man's trash is another man's life.
One man's shit is another man's food.
One man's waste is another man's joy.

Just look at these two passersby.

Photo Blog: Glowing Pink

My couchsurfer friends and I went to a bar last Saturday night called Salsa Carribe.

We danced 'till we dropped except for two nenderthals who preferred to just sit, watch people, talk and drink.

While four of us were sweating hard to the salsa grooves, this DJ captured all my senses.

So, I took this photo of him who I think is HOT.

Capital H-O-T!

It turned out fabulous! Pink that shines and glows in the dark!

Photo Blog: Spring Cleaning

The workers are busy cleaning up and renovating some this and that of the facade of the Beijing Railway Station. What attracted me is the line formation when the men were passing a cylinder up to the roof. Obviously, this is part of cleaning up the city to prepare for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in August 8, 2008.


I took this photo on April 4, 2008 while waiting for the arrival of a friend from Shanghai around 7 in the morning.
March 22 was the Worldwide Pillow Fight and yes, Beijing was participating BUT it never happened because dozens of policemen came.

I was one of those few eager pillow fighters who arrived at the venue, The Place Shopping Mall, before 3:00 p.m. While getting off the taxi, a police car arrived and parked next to taxi. I already had a bad feeling about it but, still, I believe that China is now more open than it was before. I mean, it's just a harmless pillow fight. Nothing more, nothing less.

As the number of expats grew, the number of uniformed men scattered in the area grew, too. And yes, police cars were also everywhere.

It was so strange. A young policemen who seemed agitated came up to me and asked what's my proble. It was a really weird question for me who was just standing there holding my pillow. He asked me series of questions like how I did know about the event, what website, how many people are coming, what are we going to do, wha is pillow fight, yada, yada, yada, yada.....

They only told us that "the pillowfight is cancelled." Reasons? They're the only ones who knew. A policewoman said that the organizers should have gotten a permit to do such event because The Place Shopping Mall is a public place. But, when one of us asked her if we can do it in the park, she said MAYBE. So, the park is NOT a public place?

Reasons could be:

1.) Beijing is paranoid.

2.) They think it's a political statement / event. They think this has something to do with Teebet or Taiwan--which is, of course, NOT SO TRUE!

3.) They want publicity or documentation that they are reallyyyyy doing their job. Two cops were videoing the event.

Shanghai did it in their People's Square before and the cops were just there watching. But, of course, we understood why...

Then, the next day, this is the news in the newspaper. Yes, I AM here. They singled out our group out of many who were there.

A student translated this for me and I'm posting it verbatim. Correcting it might cause me a headache.

So, here it goes:


"Pillows Wars" first landing Beijing plans were failed---Recently, a netizen called the "pillow Wars" posts in various popular websites. However, due to police intervention, "pillows war" has not started.

Yesterday, around 15:00,Nearly 10 police cars parked in the square in front of the shopping mall.Lots of police and security maintained order at the scene,and asked other people to leave.

These people see the "pillow Wars" on the Internet and go to there. However, in these web-sites, there is no mention of the organizers.

The citizen Miss Zhang said:she did not participate in the "pillows war" before,and didn't understand this activity,but she feels this is very stimulating activities,She would also like to participate.

However, this activity ultimately did not start.A Police said : this large-scale activities must be approved by the government. They believe that, too many people caused the accidents easily. They are to consider the safety of the customers.

Although feel regret, but people are with the police, leaving the scene. We still feel: safety first, second game !

Yen White Party

March 21, 2008 is another red letter night for party animals in Beijing. It was more than a blast or a rave---it was purely hedonism and nastiness rolled into one. Yes, almost everybody was wasted and the blaring music was just unstoppable.

I've never see anyone who went there wearing other color but white. Well, my student came in blue shirt but told him to buy a white shirt at the counter for 50 rmb and he did. There were two of them who came and it was their first time to be in such party or a big party. Though they don't really get the beauty of techno / electronic music but I saw them dancing crazily as if they've been released from some kind of cage. They should be---they saw me at my worst, nasty moves last night which they were, of course, shocked.

They were also shocked how everybody around them just easily danced with strangers. My group was dressed up seductive white lingerie costume complete with a hulahoop to entice everybody to come inside it and do their thing with them. It was and awesome idea to drag / hoop the guy you think is hot.

Me? I was just simply wearing jeans a white shirt with a FREE HUG print to join the International Couchsurfing Free Hug Day today. I intended to count my hugs last night but I lost count due to the influence of alcohol which I could not remember who bought those for me. I only bought three bottles of beer (which was not cheap) and the rest were just passed to me every now and then. I was sweating profusely and hugging strangers everytime I bumped into them and read my shirt. Everytime a man bigger and taller than me hug my fragile body, they always lift me up to my delight. There's this one guy that everytime he saw me, he would always hug me. And I think, he's one of those who passed me a glass of something.

The crowd was really wild. When I went there at 11:55 p.m. with my German friend, the dance floor was just half-empty. Then, all of the sudden, waves and dozens came and made the whole place like hell: hot, nasty, saucy and slutty.

I went home around 4:30 this morning. It's a good thing that I still remembered how to get home. Hmmnnn.... I actually told the taxi driver to go back some 2 kms because we were already past my house. I fell asleep in the taxi. :DD

CCTV Tower and Olympic Stadium

Last week, Sunday, right after I attended the Mass, a friend and I headed off to the CCTV Tower which is just opposite Kerry Hotel, where the Mass was celebrated.

CCTV Tower

This CCTV Tower is is considered as one of the most innovative forms of architecture. When the twin leaning towers were built, spectators and passersby thought it was a crazy thing to do such. But now that the twins have kissed and locked each other, the same people began to appreciate its beauty though still unfinished.

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic's main stadium which is touted as Bird's Nest ((because it resembles a bird's nest) is STILL unfinished. When we went there for pictorials, we were dissapointed that it still look like a war-torn village where it is off limits to everyone. It is surrounded by tall blue fence that olympic ogglers have to search an elevated area to pose and take pictures.

We walked around the verrrryyyyyy dusty area until we found an elevated section near the road-bridge on the west side of the nest. Though far from us, we could still get a glimpse of the inside area. Camera zoom here and there to get the picture perfect!

Judging from the outside view, the Bird's Nest still has looooong days until it is finished. I have doubts that the main venue of the Games will be finished on time, but knowing how Chinese infrastructures done like magic, I guess, the International Olympic Commitee has nothing to worry about.